Sweet Justice Desserts -
I love to make homemade desserts!  You name it and I'm up for any challenge.  I love to work in my kitchen baking and decorating cakes and cupcakes.  

I'm a lawyer by day and a baker by night.  While I love my job, I spend my days hunched over a keyboard reading and writing.  When I come home and on the weekends I love working in my kitchen baking, baking, and baking!  I love trying out new recipes and continuing to work on my cake decorating skills.

I have an amazing red velvet cake, chocolate cupcakes with ganache filling and chocolate frosting (great when its mint flavored frosting too), double vanilla cake with a basic buttercream, you name it! And what is better than cream cheese frosting. I love it!  I also really love working with fondant.  It makes such beautiful cakes and the design possibilities are endless.  I've also started using the frozen buttercream transfer method, which allows me to tackle designs beyond my extremely limited drawing abilities.

I'm also working on baking breads and other pastries.  Recently, I made a to-die for brioche (a lovely cake-like bread just filled with butter, butter, and more butter) and an amazing almond-raspberry coffee cake!  Next, I think I will attempt to master croissants.

If you have a baking challenge for me, just let me know and I'll tackle it.  I will admit that my nemesis is the French Macaroon.  You know, those lovely colorful sandwich cookies.  Not the coconut ones we call macaroons in America. I strive to use the best ingredients (organic, free-range local eggs, Callebaut or Valhrona chocolate, etc.) when I can.  Thank you for visiting my website.  I look forward to your challenges!

Contact me with your dessert challenges: sweetjusticedesserts@gmail.com

You can also check me out (and Like me too) on Facebook!

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